Heisser Hirsch - Beastly good glühwein

Here you will learn all about where I come from, my herd, and what makes me so damn hot.

HEISSER HIRSCH does not only look great; it also comes with good values. With a 100% organic base, the red variety is composed of bold dark red Merlot and Tempranillo whereas the white mulled wine gets its fruity-velvety character from Airèn grapes. Moreover, it is exclusively refined with high-quality and natural organic extracts. Cinnamon, cloves, vanilla pods, cardamom, all-spice, mace blossoms, star anise, ginger, as well as orange and lemon zest together with some sugar, all merge into a beastly good mulled wine!

Heisser Hirsch - Beastly good punch

The non-alcoholic hot punch for your whole herd.

100% naturally cloudy juices are used for both varieties of our family recipe. The „Apple-Plum“ variety is made with orchard-picked apples, red grapes, plums and aronia berries. The „White grape - Orange“ variety is made with white grapes, orchard-picked apples, oranges and pears. Both are refined with only organic spice extracts – no added sugar. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, allspice, macis flowers, as well as orange and lemon zest, will spread a wintery scent across your herd's home range.

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Hot tips from the steamy stag

Und ist die Landschaft kalt und weiß, dann schlürf' mich weg, ich mach dich heiß ...

Once upon a time

As always, there are wild and sometimes strange and curious activities in the territory of ​​the HEISSER HIRSCH - you have 250 characters to give the story a dramatic twist. Determine what happens next.

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